Off the coast of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, not far from Warnemünde, lies the wreckage of the German submarine U-929. This is its story.

History of the wreck

The submarine 929 was built in 1944 at the Neptun shipyard in Rostock. Since it was totally blown up, it is now believed that the crew destroyed it themselves and therefore there were no human casualties.

From 06.09.1944 to 02.05.1945 it was under the command of Oblt. Werner Schulz. It was never on an enemy mission. On 03.05.1945 it was sunk and in 1956 partially lifted and scrapped.


To date, the wreck’s debris has not been positively identified.

Diving at the wreck
The wreck’s debris is scattered over an area of 30 by 60 meters and is heavily covered with mussels.

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Wreck type:Submarine VII C / 41Year built:1944
min. Dive depth:11 mDate of loss:03.05.1945
max. dive depth:12 mReason for loss:Self-sinking
GPS data:54. 15.36 NLocation country:Germany
 12. 04,29 ELocation-Region:MV Warnemünde
Dive Site:Trümfeld (60x30m)Personally dived?No