2 nautical miles off Portofino on the Ligurian coast, a professional diver discovered the wreck of the previously missing submarine U455.

History of the wreck
The submarine 455 was built in Kiel in 1940 by Deutsche Werke Kiel AG and was commissioned on 21/08/1941.

First under commander Hans-Heinrich Giessler (until 1942) and then under commander Hans-Martin Scheibe, the submarine made a total of 10 enemy trips until its loss on April 6, 1944. 3 sunk ships are attributed to it.

On 22.02.1944 the submarine, which belonged to the 29th U-flotilla (Toulon), sailed under commander KptLt. Hans-Martin Scheibe with 51 crew: Mediterranean Sea area of operations. After its deployment from the Algerian coast, it last reported on 02.04.1944 with the intention to return to La Spezia. The last known position was 44.04,00 N / 09.51,00 E before it was reported missing on 06.04.1944 after no further reports were received.

All 51 crew were presumed dead in a collision with an (possible German) sea mine.

According to an Italian newspaper, professional diver Lorenzo Del Veneziano succeeded in finding the submarine on Oct. 22, 2005, after receiving tips from fishermen and documenting it with film and photographs in such a way that it could be clearly identified.

Diving at the wreck
The wreck lies upright on a rocky, sandy bottom at a depth of 120 meters. The steel hull is intact. Only the stern shows damage, presumably from a sea mine, which must have led to the sinking of the submarine.

According to Lorenzo Del Veneziano, the interior of the submarine is currently inaccessible.

Under international law, the U-455 is considered a war grave and the property of the Federal Republic of Germany, and therefore may not be dived.

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Wreck Type:Submarine VII CYear Built:1940
min. Diving depth:120 mDate of loss:06.04.1944
max. Dive depth:120 mLoss reason:Sea mine
GPS data:not knownLocation Country:Italy
 not knownLocation region: 2 nm off Portofino, Liguria
Dive site:San Fruttuoso Bay between Punta Chiappa and Cala de l’OroPersonally dived? No