The most photogenic, World War II German submarine wreck is the U-352 off the coast of North Carolina.

History of the wreck
The submarine U-352 was launched on 07.05.1941 at the Flensburger Schiffbaugesellschaft and was commissioned on 28.08.1941 under commander Kapitänleutnant Hellmut Rathke.

As a submarine of the 3rd U-flotilla, it went on only 2 enemy cruises, during which it recorded no sinkings.

On 07.04.1942 it ran under commander Rathke from St. Nazaire to go hunting in the West Atlantic and off the coast of the East USA. U352 was located on 09.05.1942 by the “USS Icarus” by sonar detection. U 352 tried to defend itself with a torpedo shot. However, this missed its target and ran past the Icarus. In two attempts, the coast guard cutter Icarus now hunted down the U-352, firing 8-depth charges. In the process, the submarine was so badly damaged that it had to surface. Under the hail of artillery from the USS Icarus, the crew abandoned the submarine and sank it. The depth charge bombardment and later artillery and machine-gun fire killed 14 crew members, while 33 survived and were later recovered by the Icarus.

Diving into the wreck
The German submarine wreck U-352 was rediscovered in 1975. Since then it has been much dived and also unfortunately looted, although it is considered a war grave. Today it is considered one of the main attractions on the North Carolina (North Carolina) coast and is visited by several dive centers.

The hull is intact and lies on a sandy bottom with a 45° slope. Since visibility here is usually around 30 meters, you can see the wreck quite clearly below you as soon as you descend from about 10 meters.

The wreck can be circumnavigated several times on each dive without any problems. Open is the turret hatch and galley hatch.

The stern is still in good condition. However, one of the two screws is missing.

Just forward of the rear torpedo pickup hatch, the diverter line is attached.

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Wreck type:Submarine VII CYear built:1941
min. Dive depth:30 mLoss date:09.05.1942 21:09h
max. dive depth:35 mLoss reason:water bombs
GPS data:34. 13,682 NLocation Country:USA
 76. 33,907WLocation-Region:North Carolina
Dive Site:South Cape HatterasPersonally dived?No