On 04/16/1945, British aircraft sank the training submarine U-251 east of Gothenburg. This attractive diving target lies at a depth of 28 – 35 meters..

History of the wreck
The submarine U-251 was built in 1941 by the Bremen Vulkan Vegesack shipyard and put into service on 20.09.1941. It undertook a total of 8 enemy cruises in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea in the period that followed. The sinking of two ships is attributed to the U-251.

On 16.04.1945 the submarine ran as a training boat under commander OLt. Franz Säck from the port of Kiel to train 42 soldiers in the Baltic Sea and the Kattegat.
Together with U320, U2332, and U2502 and a minesweeper, the U-251 was on the march to Norway when it was attacked by rocket and automatic cannon fire from 22 Mosquitos of the British 143rd, 235th and 248th Squadrons and the exiled Norwegian 333rd RAF Squadron..

Missile and shipboard weapons fire from the aircraft and put a wet end to the submarine. At 17:04 on 04/16/1945the submarine was sunk. The captain and 3 other soldiers were rescued by U2502, and 39 soldiers died.

Diving at the wreck
U-251 was found in 1976 by the Danish diver Aage Jensen, and since in the boat interior German sailors had found dead, still in the same year by the Danish government to the soldier grave explained. The wreck is nevertheless considered an attractive diving destination. However, today during dives the boat is inspected exclusively from the outside.

The submarine lies at 35 meters of water depth on solid ground. The steel hull has a high number of bullet holes and missile hits. Hits to the trim cells and saddle tanks, in particular, have sealed the U-521’s demise.

The turret hatch is open, however, the turret is hung with fishing nets.

Both propellers are still in place and free to dive.

Another entrance to the interior of the wreck is the torpedo takeover hatch on the freely accessible forecastle.

With all the sediment in the hull, excursions into the steel hull are inadvisable. Any open system would immediately reduce visibility to ZERO.

Recommendation: Nitrox or closed circuit systems


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Wreck type:Submarine VII CYear built:1941
min. Dive depth:28 mLoss date:19.04.1945 17:04 h
max. dive depth:35 mLoss reason:Air raid
GPS data:56. 34,468 NLocation Country:Sweden/Denmark
 11. 45,045 ELocation region:East of Gothenburg
Dive site:in the KattegatPersonally dived?No