… or why most people don’t find something in the dark, but a few good divers find themselves…

Scuba diving is an upcoming market of activity when people are on vacation or have some free time. It is feeling like an adventure to go diving on the weekend, leaving the chairs in the offices behind. Well, today’s equipment for scuba diving is easy to handle and secure. And what about the certification? In 4 days you can certify an open water diver on your holiday at the red sea … Everybody can do that.

I do not appreciate the certification of open water divers in 4 days. In my organization CMAS, it takes up to 4 months for a one-star certificate (bronze) analog to an open water diver. But never less, it’s more a question of experience than of certification to be a good diver.

And if they are an open water diver, one of the bigger challenges for their experience is a night dive. What is going on with the diver in the dark?
– some of them are feeling more comfortable in the dark than in the daylight
– but most of them are getting feared
– do not know, what’s around them, because of vision only what is in the reach of their own light(s)
– hear the melody of the movie “Jaws”
With all of these feelings, they breathe harder and quicker than in the daylight.
And they feel alone in the dark …

Another bigger challenge is to dive into the first wreck with a dive guide. Most times, it isn’t dangerous to dive on a wreck, but the possibilities of getting caught with your own equipment are higher than in the open water. Diving for the first time in a wreck knowing, that you can not surface gives the diver a feeling of being helpless. They worry about things that can happen.

If you have experience with night diving and wreck diving and you still feel comfortable, then your next level can be cavern diving. The cavern is the beginning of diving caves. The maximum operation deep is 18m and you will never be farther away from the surface than 50m. In this area you still have daylight, but a diving torch is needed at any time.

If cavern or cave diving is your goal, you should start a special training and certification for that. These levels are Cavern – Cave 1 – Cave 2 and Cave 3 (full cave diver).

… but still the question of why …
I love the darkness and the sound of silence. The only sound you hear at a deep penetration of a cave is your own breath. Nothing else! And switching off the light is real darkness around you. You are a visitor to a hidden kingdom. In some caves, you are the first human in the last 10,000 years. What you find deep down below is yourself!

You are alone!
Even when you dive with your buddy or in a group. You are responsible for yourself and your equipment. You are responsible for the line and your navigation points. Nobody else is responsible for your life. You are!